Counselling should provide a caring relationship and a clarity about moving from crisis to a place where a client can cope

 ·        Counselling can provide a professional, caring relationship to the client as a person.

Building trust with a client is essential- this in turn depends upon the client’s respect for the professional capability of the counsellor and the intimacy of the relationship forged within these boundaries. With trust the client will be able to share their story of events, examine their part in it with honesty and identify options for moving forward, enduring the present and making a better future.

·        Counselling can clarify the confusion experienced by clients in crisis (inability to 

      cope) with events past, present and future.

A great deal of help can be derived from time spent by the client in separating issues, problems, opportunities, and causes. Also, realising the additional confusion caused by the effects of emotions surrounding crisis situations.   Crises cause people to confuse multiple issues, feelings, players, events, and opportunities. They describe them as spinning about in their minds, at undesirable times and perhaps with spiralling bad effects.

·   Counselling can bring a client to a place of coping, able to identify and make       appropriate choices and take actions on their own.

Whilst a client is unwilling to take on a challenge, they are likely to become a victim of it. Whereas, if they can choose some helpful strategies and actions, they show leadership in the face of the oppressing difficulties. They can start to move against the problems and issues that beset them.

The emphasis here is for clients to find their own, preferred actions and hopefully solutions to the problems they are experiencing and or facing.

    The short-term goal is to overcoming present challenges but in the longer term to also build        a resilient approach to future challenge 

However, counselling cannot change the environment that has caused or is causing the client’s crisis / reactions

(So, loss of a job, relationship, or a loved one) – it’s about helping the client to change their reaction, behaviours, and to learn how to cope with what can’t be changed


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