Helping: people to reinvent themselves by: 

supporting them to adjust their 

(mindset, behaviours, resilience, and confidence)

 to meet the demands of a changing world.

What people have said: 

 “You caught me at a time when I just wanted to give up, I felt totally overwhelmed by life. We talked, I went on and today I am a successful GP very much enjoying my life, thank you.” 

"Good to reflect, and to laugh, healthy approach to challenges and issues. Good to be freed up from constant detailed demands for a while. Took a serious look at what I and others need to do. I felt liberated"  

Sara Griffith Service Leader Children’s Services North Somerset

"My emotions were split between the excitement of being able to make a difference for vulnerable children and a fear that I was taking on the impossible. My coaching session really helped me think this through, I now believe I can and should do this, I have a clear way forward to involve the key people necessary to make this happen "

 Integrated Working Leader – Social Care

Outstanding insights into motivation and what drives people to behave the way they do. Helped me to focus not just on what I want to achieve and how to go about it, but on identifying others who can help me and why they would want to do so“ 

Barrie Collins European Head of Risk KPMG; Chairman of Tomorrow’s Company

 A unique and insightful approach to everything Mike and Sybille work with us on – individual coaching, training, and meeting/workshop facilitation.  They are never afraid to challenge the status quo, but always keen to be relevant to our business issues.”    Clive Pinder 

CEO Metrius Europe and Vielife  Entrepreneur in Residence for Digital Healthcare at Ariadne Capital

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