Personal Statement

“If you are here, you are facing a challenge – personal, professional and/ or

 relational. You are considering the idea of getting outside help to enable you

 to exploit an opportunity or overcome a problem.”

 I am an experienced personal consultant able to help you to overcome

 challenges that are  preventing you from living life as you would like to.

Personal consulting uses counselling and/or coaching to help you explore

 yourself – for personal development and to resolve practical, emotional, 

and psychological challenges.

Since you and your circumstances are unique, we will choose from a range

 of tools and techniques I have experience in using. But most importantly, I

 work in a client-centred way which is open ended, tailored to you and

 promotes your right to choose.

Together, we would build a trusted (non-judgemental, confidential, safe) relationship as you learn to survive in the present and thrive in the future. More able to take the opportunities that will open up to you. 

This client-centred approach uses your strengths and insights to encourage your personal growth and improved your relationships. 


We can start with a free 20 minute online or phone session 

– this provides us with the opportunity to decide 

if I and my approach are right for you. 

I invite you to get in touch.

So why not call for a conversation,

it’s good to talk and it cost nothing,

except a little of your time!


All professional counselling organisations (for example British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)) have similar ethics. 

I adhere to these ethical frameworks, and so our work together is 

confidential but with the following exceptions:

   I discuss my client work in professional supervision which is an industry

 requirement to ensure best practice.  At no time will your name or identity be discussed in these sessions.

If I have serious concerns about your mental wellbeing, I may wish to contact your GP or healthcare professional. I will always seek your consent in the first instance.

If I feel that there may be significant risk of harm to yourself or others, or if a child is deemed to be at risk, I will need to break confidentiality to ensure your, or their, safety. I will always seek your consent in the first instance. 


Full session fees are £65 for a 50-minute session.  

The number of sessions vary.

A programme of eight sessions, one a week is a common starting point 

– offered at a discount of £400.

You may have to postpone a session and we can reshedule

– but I would ask for 48 hours’ notice, 

otherwise the full fee will be payable.


I have professional indemnity insurance.


Contact: Michael Boud  P: 07823 759492