Counselling is one way to deal with Mental Health problems that are causing you to feel unable to cope with life in general and issues like:

  • Bereavement - the loss of loved ones.
  • Anxiety - a sense of impending dread about what might happen
  • Career crisis - (both in and out of work) 
    • you can become paralysed into inaction 
    • experiencing fear or dread about a lost, existing or new job.
  • Stress - the unhealthy forms of stress that cause unwanted physical and emotional symptoms. 
  • Low self-esteem - such an extreme, ongoing, and persistent lack of confidence in oneself that it undermines your ability: 
    • to apply for or be confident in a position for which you are obviously equipped 
    • to form or feel secure in a relationship
    • to say no to the unreasonable requests, demands, and behaviours of others 

    Different counselling approaches and techniques can help a person to deal with all and any of these problems. Counselling  should make the a client the centre of interest and a skilled counsellor will also operate in the context of a counselling process that will lead to positive results.

    Sometimes people can address these issues on their own, yet others turn to a counsellor for help as they feel unable to cope alone.  The human mind and emotions are capable of self healing - in a similar way to a cut finger healing itself.

    I have experienced all of these problems at different times and I learnt to cope with them and ...
     I believe you can too!

    Coaching  seeks to enable people to flourish, to endure the demands of a changing world, to take up the challenges they face. You may feel excited, but also apprehensive or struggling to deal with new situations. Coaching can empower you to a better performance. 

    • Business Coaching is about supporting performance improvement - simply helping you to learn how to unleash your innate skills and talents

    • Relationship Coaching is about learning to build and maintain good relationships with others. 

    • Career Coaching - put simply  "what should I do next?" 
    Coaching follows the clients interest , but a skilled coach also is aware of a coaching process that will lead to positive results for the client in a reasonable time period. 

    Some people have come to me for coaching of their own choice, others have been referred by their manager- whichever, we always start with a trial session to see how coaching might help. Then the client decides whether or not to go on. 

      We offer an initial free 20 minute session - this will give a good indication of where to start with Coaching or Counselling - and we can move from one to the other as necessary during a programme of sessions.   


    TNT Leadership Development Programme

    The coaching has been good. Discussions held in an open atmosphere, focusing on playing a wider business partner role at the International Board level and getting the best from my team. Challenging me to open up more to the people I work with. We targeted an important activity that gave insight and practical experience in preparation for the topics of module 2.

    Chief Finance Officer TNT Post International 


    Contact: Michael Boud  P: 07823 759492