Learn2Learn has extensive experience designing, supporting and leading change programmes with the staff of schools and colleges. We commonly work with a group of staff nominated from those working in different roles, at different levels and including a significant number of middle leaders. Our approach encourages and enables this group to step into the space between the SLT and the rest of the staff, offering the opportunity to those leading the change to develop their leadership skills, with the support, guidance and direction of SLT members and by implementing sustainable change.

We seek to help your people address adaptive, (complex) school improvement problems; problems that most people haven’t yet faced, problems that challenge our values and beliefs.   These may include: radical cost cutting; designing new (structures, buildings and technology) in support of innovative learning paradigms; new partnerships through school (mergers, clustering or federation); raising the attainment of pupils in challenging situations and other whole school issues. 

Through our applied learning approach, we get your teams and partners working faster and more effectively together, to address your organisation’s most critical issues.  We deploy our change toolkit, develop your people (skills, behaviours and attitudes) and we apply a unique and proven leading for change process, one that contributes to sustainable solutions with measurable impact. 

Greater leadership capability is also created, not simply to learn but to adapt to a changing environment - we focus on the very people who must make and sustain the improvements.



An “Outstanding” Special School were moving to a new school building - their incubator teams were charged with engaging the whole school in creating: a safe, settled and robust environment unthreatened by disturbances;  a more creative (pupil led, process based and reflective) curriculum delivered with outside partners,  an improvement to the personal, employability and effectiveness skills of pupils, a well-planned curriculum that fulfils the holistic needs of each pupil with a system that removes the burden of gathering and processing assessment data and in support of all this defining the new spaces and technology needed 

An “Outstanding” Secondary School consistently achieving some of the highest GCSE grades in the country formed 4 incubation teams to design the space and technology to support a step change in their approaches to Learning. The teams were challenged to engage the whole school in creating:  Personal applied learning schemes, approaches to blended learning, new frameworks and skills for learning. 

Those leading their teams gained credits towards their Masters and some have been promoted to new leadership positions  


“Thank you so much for your work with the team. I know they found it interesting and exciting, I have great hopes for them now they are beginning to see the bigger picture. Clearly the staff involved moved forward amazingly. Their fear has gone…. I really feel that they can now begin to take up the role of "leaders" in the school, and be proud of their roles,and that is so important.  

Olivia Meyrick, Head of the “Outstanding” Cambridge Special School

“Our incubator projects successfully engaged the majority of staff and involved our pupils and governors. They delivered major changes to our learning and teaching, earning some new leaders credit towards their Masters and we have promoted some to lead these new activities” 

Deputy Head of an Outstanding Secondary School 

“You changed the behaviour of our people, from pushing problems up to us as the SLT – in favour of making proposals and implementing solutions”

Steve Burgess, Head of HR Cornwall Further Education College


FACILITATED PROGRAMMES - meeting your school improvement needs 

  • Leaders for innovation and change: applied leadership development to adapt and improve school performance
  • Leading across boundaries: multi agency, multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural environments
  • change programmes to address school mergers, partnerships, improvement and innovation

SCHOOL ORGANISATION AND TEAM DEVELOPMENT- increasing staff engagement, empowerment and commitment 

  •  Creating a coaching culture in schools and beyond
  •  Group coaching (e.g. new SLT, Middle leaders, HOY, .. in first 100 days)
  •  Building partnerships 
  •  Team problem solving and conflict resolution.
 SCHOOL FACILITATED EVENTS - creative customised design
  • Joint development of vision and strategy with high level implementation plans.
  • Launching new initiatives, reorganisations, programmes and co operations.
  • Design and delivery of key project events (fast starts, road shows, learning reviews, ...) 
  • Knowledge exchange events  

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