Business and Organisational Growth

Growth in the short to medium term will have to be achieved within existing or reduced head-counts,so getting the best from all your people has become an imperative. The need to work across the boundaries of organisations, geographies, partnerships, cultures and communities has also become more commonplace. Facing up to the challenges of yet another big change has become a necessity for many. We help move clients forward (with and through their people) in every part of their businesses, from strategic planning to day-to-day operations and we frequently delight our clients. Learn 2 Learn provide services in process consultancy, the facilitation and design of events, coaching key people and transferring the essential skills to address “Big Change”


We have witnessed the successful introduction of new projects, programmes, delivery methods, business plans, even missions and brands, started as a result of our facilitation, process consulting and experiential learning programmes. Whatever your business need, be it cost savings coupled with new ways of working, or a search for innovation and growth strategies, results will be achieved during the interventions  programme, results in line with and in support of your business vision and goals. 

  • ·         Key issues are identified and prioritised, ensuring maximum value for every £ spent.

  • ·         Solutions are developed and delivered, aligned to business priorities

  • ·         Structure, discipline and momentum are quickly created, to ensure successful delivery

  • ·         Your people will now push proposals, not problems, upwards

  • ·         Creative, not the typical solutions develop and not simply from the “usual suspects

  • ·         Investment in your people quickly builds self-reliance, creativity and competence, ensuring 
  • on-going delivery throughout the organisation.  We start with 6, who in turn work with 60 etc

 Purpose: Learning to succeed

Our mission is to facilitate the development and resilience of emerging leaders in your organisation so they may improve your organisation’s performance

Emerging leaders stand out in organisations for a number of reasons:  They are the organisation’s future leaders and they have the greatest potential to influence and implement organisational strategy. 

Our approach is applied learning in the workplace, helping your people to address adaptive (complex) organisational problems, problems that most people haven’t faced before. These may include radical cost cutting, or service re-configuration, new partnerships, or customer challenges.

All our programmes are designed to meet your chosen critical organisational challenges and are subsequently rolled out by your skilled people-with our support.  These include:

  • A proven Change Management process with supporting tools and skills for teams
  • Customised Leadership Development programmes

  • Building Coaching Networks in your organisation

  • User Experience Based Co-Design with service users and the wider community

  • Establishing Action Learning Projects

  • Developing Communities of Learning